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ED tablets - tablets coated with one or more layers of excipients of natural or synthetic origin, sometimes with the addition of medicinal or surfactants to the substances that form the coating. Depending on the composition and method of application, coatings are distinguished: coated, film, pressed; depending on the medium in which the coating is to dissolve: gastric-loving (soluble in the stomach) and enteric (enteric-soluble).

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Coated and uncoated - containing special excipients or obtained using a special technology that allows you to program the rate or place of drug release.


Enteric tablets (gastro-resistant tablets) are tablets that are stable in gastric juice and release the drug or substances in the intestinal juice. It is obtained by coating tablets with an ed pills online coating (enteric tablets) or by pressing granules and particles previously coated with an gastro-resistant coating or by pressing medicinal substances in a mixture with an gastro-resistant excipient (durula).


Tablets that are stable in gastric juice and release the erectile dysfunction drug or substances in the intestinal juice. Enteric tablets are obtained by coating the tablets with an enteric coating or by pressing enteric coated granules and particles, or by compressing medicinal substances in a mixture with a filler that is stable in an acidic environment.


Film-coated tablets - tablets, coated with a thin film (film), erectile dysfunction medication less than 10% by weight of the tablet. Film coatings can be soluble in water (from solutions of natural cellulose, polyethylene glycols, gelatin and gum arabic, etc.) and insoluble in water, or varnishes (from some high molecular weight compounds)

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ED tablets - coated or uncoated tablets containing special excipients or obtained using a special technology that allows you to program the rate or location of drug release. The term is used to denote controlled release tablets, sustained-release tablets, sustained-release tablets, etc. The term is not used to name tablets designated as depot tablets, implantable tablets, retard tablets, rapid retard tablets.

Retard tablets are tablets with prolonged (periodic) release of the drug from the stock. They are usually microbeads with a drug substance surrounded by a biopolymer matrix (base); the base or microgranules dissolve in layers, releasing the next portion of the drug.

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Mite tablets are tablets with a minimum dosage and a minimal pronounced effect of a medicinal substance. Seven tablets are tablets with an average dosage and a moderately pronounced effect of a medicinal substance. Forte tablets are tablets with a high dosage and a strong effect of a medicinal substance.

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Rapid retard tablets are two-phase release tablets containing a mixture of microgranules with fast and prolonged release of the drug.


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"Depending on the purpose and method of application, tablets are divided into the following types: Oromucosal tablets Buccal (cheek) tablets Lozenge tablets Chewable tablets Sublingual tablets Vaginal tablets Implantable tablets Effervescent tablets Homeopathic tablets Tablets for drops Tablets for paste Tablets for solution Tablets pediatric Tablets for oral use Tablets for oral use, usually prepared for oral use technologies with the aim of releasing a drug or substances in the oral cavity and providing a local or general resorptive effect (cheek pills, sublingual, etc.)."

Moninque C.

"Tablets, usually uncoated, which contain medicinal substances intended for absorption through the oral mucosa. The specific route or route of administration is indicated. Buccal (cheek) tablets are tablets used in the oral cavity for the administration of a drug through the buccal mucosa. Lozenges are tablets for use in the mouth that dissolve slowly in salivary fluid. Usually contain flavorings. Chewable tablets - tablets to be chewed before swallowing containing medicinal substances that have an effect on the mucous membrane of the mouth or gastrointestinal tract."

Lisa M.

"Usually contain flavorings. Sublingual tablets - tablets for sublingual use. Vaginal tablets (compressed vaginal suppositories) are tablets for insertion into the vagina, obtained by pressing a granular powder, which is a processed fatty suppository mass. They can have a thin layer of fat for better administration. In addition to vaginal, pressed urethral and rectal dosage forms have also been used. Implantable tablets (depot tablets, implant) are sterile prolonged-release tablets in the form of a very small disk or cylinder for implantation under the skin."

Andrea D.

"Effervescent tablets - uncoated tablets, usually containing acidic substances and carbonates or bicarbonates, which react rapidly in water to release carbon dioxide; they are designed to dissolve or disperse the drug in water immediately prior to administration. Homeopathic tablets - oral tablets obtained by pressing homeopathic triturations, the mass of which in one tablet is, as a rule, from 0.1 to 0.25 g. Tablets for drops - tablets for making drops. "

Stacy B.

"Pasta Tablets - Tablets for making pasta. Solution tablets (soluble tablets) - tablets for solution preparation. The specific route of administration is indicated. Tablets for preparation of injection solution must be sterile. Pediatric tablets - sweet-taste tablets used in children's practice."

Mary J.

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    According to the method of preparation, tablets are divided into two types: compressed tablets and trituration tablets. Derivatives of prostaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma Latanoprost Travoprost Bimatoprost Tafluprost.


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    Parapharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals - biologically active additives, differing from each other in the proportions of ingredients. Weight loss, thanks to the drugs of this group, occurs due to the beneficial effect on the body of a balanced complex of vitamins and microelements. The quality of these dietary supplements depends on the reputation of the pharmaceutical company that manufactures them, since surrogates may be caught among the worthwhile drugs. Not all manufacturers treat their consumers with respect, as they often deceive them. For example, it is impossible to produce natural vitamin C under artificial conditions; therefore, these preparations contain its synthetic analogue.


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