Artisan & Artist* Accent Box Pro ACAM-65D Accent Pouch



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A low contour pouch, developed to smartly abundance and haversack camera accessories (media, additional batteries, filters, etc.). It can additionally be acclimated as multi anatomic accessory for accessories and jotter items. The close beanbag calmly protects the content. The capital pocket, sub pocket, and axial allotment are able with attenuate bond pockets (2 baby and 1 large) acceptable for autumn SD cards, etc. The attenuate cellophane PVC bond abridged has flaps to anticipate adventitious avalanche of the objects. Instead of a handle, the alfresco is able with a loop, acceptable back demography the accessory out of the bag or the backpack.

  • SIZE:  W210 × H120 mm
  • MATERIAL:  Outer Polyurethan, Close Nylon/PVC
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Color:  Black

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