Artisan & Artist* Accessory Box Pro ACAM-62D Camera Anatomy Pouch



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The best bunched accessory in the Gearbox Pro series, acceptable to abundance a distinct Leica M camera body.

 Alternatively, it can abundance chargers and cable sets. Forth with the added pouches of this alternation (60D, 61D, 63D) it can be ample and stored smartly, as able-bodied as acclimated modularly. The close is bedlam with a beanbag actual to calmly assure the content. The close acme is advised that the attachment does not absorber the accessories back aperture and closing. The beam cobweb abridged is ideal to abundance baby items such as SD cards. The accessory is able with a handle, acceptable for demography it out from the bag or backpack.

  • SIZE:  W165 × H70 × D95 mm 
  • MATERIAL:  Outer Polyurethan, Close Nylon 
  • Weight: 100 grams 
  • Color:  Black

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