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Customer Arcade | Ashley Sebok - "Wonder Area All The Time Went" Images with the Leica Q April 06 2016

Come analysis out our new Leica Abundance Miami Chump Arcade display by Ashley Sebok. Ashley has been belief photography back aerial school. A lover of analog photography, she jumped into the agenda apple with a Leica Q.  Since again her Leica is consistently at her side.  The official arcade accession and aperture for Ashley's accumulating of assignment "Wonder Area All The Time Went" will be Saturday April 23rd, 2016 from 6pm - 7pm.   

We sat bottomward with Ashley and asked her a few questions about her assignment and how the Leica Q has impacted her photography.

Q: How do you like alive with the Leica Q?

A: I absolutely adore alive with the Q. I was so acclimated to cutting analog and capital to accomplish the alteration to digital, but acquainted abashed by the agenda apple and all the ever-evolving techniques and abilities it requires. Purchasing a Leica has fabricated that alteration bland and not as aching as I anticipation it would be, alike the anatomy of the camera weighs and feels the aforementioned of that of my old blur SLRs. I am still accepting to apperceive the camera, but so far I’m acutely blessed with the affection and aflame to apprentice more.


Q: Do you about adopt to photograph landscapes or people? Why?

A: I adore photographing bodies the most. I like walking about a adjacency and chief how to access a subject. Sometimes I alpha a chat and based on that alternation I’ll ask them if I can booty their photo. If they agree, we allocution some more, maybe airing around, again acquisition a acceptable set up. Back bodies get adequate they activate to ask me if they can affectation like this or that and again it becomes a affectionate of collaboration. Like the woman sitting on the alone abbey pews, she explained, “I wasn’t consistently this way, I acclimated to assignment at Burdines on agency and get paid the big bucks”! So I assumption that’s why I do it, because it’s a way to assignment with added bodies and I’m additionally absolutely absorbed by the belief of others. And hopefully that resonates in the photo.


Q: Do you accept a admired focal breadth for your photography?

A: 50mm, but best afresh 28mm because of the Q!

Q: What (or who) inspires you best in photography?

A: Photography’s adeptness to actually benumb a real-time moment at that instant. Moments are anytime freezing in the mind. Back I watch a blur for example, it is adamantine for me to accumulate up with the affective images because I’m consistently backward behind. I see and get into images boring and while blur doesn’t, still photography allows me the amplitude to advance the advance anecdotal at my own pace.


Q: Leica has a appropriate abode in the apple of photography. What does your Leica beggarly to you?

A: Quality. I bethink demography my aboriginal photo chic at Miami-Dade Academy in aerial academy and I was aggravating to amount which camera to buy/ what cast to stick by (till the death) (it about feels like it’s that big of a commitment… allegedly you’re either a Nikon or Assize person). Leica consistently seemed so unattainable and candidly a bit intimidating. But I adored up and assuredly was able to buy one. So back I attending at my Q, in all it’s celebrity and sleekness, I appetite to assure it but additionally booty advantage of it as abundant as I can… because it took me so continued to get my easily on one.



Q: What do you plan to photograph next? Do you accept any accessible trips or photo adventures?

A: I’m adventuring up to Orange Burghal for my altogether to appointment the Florida Dejected Springs. I’m abiding there will be affluence of photo opportunities. But besides that, appropriate now I accompany my camera with me everywhere. I absolutely appetite to get to apperceive the Q as abundant as possible, so that at any burning I can get it to do absolutely what I appetite it to and those moments aren’t absent due to unpreparedness. 


Submit to Our Chump Gallery April 05 2016

Show us your best Leica images! We are now accepting submissions for the Leica Abundance Miami Chump Gallery. The arcade consists of eleven 8x12 inch prints in 20x24 inch frames. Our current show is by Ashley Sebok and consists of images taken with the Leica Q. The images in the chump arcade are swapped out bi-monthly so there are affluence of opportunities to accept your assignment featured at Leica Abundance Miami!


How It Works

  1. Submit a sampling of 5 images to [email protected] Accelerate images at 1000px wide.
  2. If we accept your assignment for our chump gallery, we will acquaintance you and ask for added images.
  3. Submit a final of 15 aerial affection jpeg files, from which we will accept nine to adhere in the gallery.


  • Images charge be attempt by you with a Leica camera.
  • Final angel sizes charge be 8x12 inches (horizontal or vertical) at 300 DPI.
  • Leica Abundance Miami will handle the printing.

We attending advanced to seeing some abundant chump assignment in our gallery!


For added advice apropos submissions alarm (305) 921-4433 or email [email protected]

Leica Lounge with Louis Jay March 28 2016

In adjustment to accommodate our Leica Lounge address alternation to a beyond community, we will be uploading account videos of these contest assimilate our Youtube page. Analysis out our aboriginal chapter below!

 Louis Jay refers to his accurate assignment as burghal landscapes. It is the circle of people, places and ablaze that interests him. Alive in both atramentous & white and color, Louis brings his different point of appearance to these subjects. Back he explores the streets of anyplace, he is absorbed in the faces, buildings, and the architectural capacity calm with the history of the place. Louis’s assignment accouterment from ecology portraits to burghal landscapes and generally baffle any accessible categorization.

Five Countries, One Camera: Campaign with the Leica Q March 23 2016

Check out the latest Leica Q commodity on Red Dot Forum. Chase Leica specialist Kirsten Vignes's adventure through Europe and apprehend about how the Q is a absolute biking companion:



New Arcade Exhibition: Matt Stuart's "Look Both Ways" March 07 2016

Look Both Ways will be on affectation in Leica Abundance Miami's capital arcade Advance through May 2016. 

Gallery Opening: Thursday, Advance 31st, 2016   |   RSVP & Apprentice More

Growing up in London, Matt Stuart spent best of his adolescence rolling forth the streets on his skateboard. Twenty years later, he walks these aforementioned streets, and instead of audition the hum of skateboard wheels, he hears the bang of the bang actuality accursed from his Leica rangefinder camera.

When Matt Stuart was in his twenties his ancestor gave him two books, one by Henri Cartier-Bresson and the added by Robert Frank. It was again that he became amorous of the apple of artery photography and apparent added artists who were accomplishing the same. Today, back he isn’t at home with his family, he is either alive as a bartering announcement columnist or advancing his affection for documenting activity on the streets.

Matt Stuart’s appearance of documentary is amusing and abounding of color. Area best photographers are agreeable to abduction a distinct subject, Matt finds a way to analyze assorted altar and bodies in a way that highlights what is amusing about the everyday. His photos accept a way of authoritative you cackle or smile. I am not abiding which came first, actuality acid or an absorption in ‘street photography’, but a allure with bodies and the way they alive their lives is why I adore the business so much.

Matt's affection in the New York Times Lens Blog is account a read. Beneath you'll acquisition a video of Matt discussing his work.

Leica SL (Typ 601) Review February 28 2016

Check out the latest Leica SL (Typ 601) review by Leica able David Farkas. Arch to Red Dot Appointment to apprehend the abounding article:


Customer Gallery: Account with Oliver Preuss July 31 2014


When Leica columnist Oliver Preuss isn't at home in Guatemala, he's traveling the apple with his admired Leica M9 rangefinder. Oliver's adulation for photography started at an aboriginal age, as his ancestor consistently had cameras in the house. Oliver was an aboriginal adapter of agenda photography, however, cutting with the Leica M9 has accustomed him to balance chiral photography and the art of the optical rangefinder.

Oliver's Leica M-System images will be featured in our chump arcade at Leica Abundance Miami through September 14th. Accomplish abiding to stop by and see these admirable prints!

 Q: How do you like alive with the Leica M9?

A: I admired alive with the M9. It was a footfall aback to the basics of photography that I accept I absolutely bare and wanted. Afore purchasing the M9 I hadn't manually focused a camera in a continued time…I had collapsed into the automatic apple of the DSLR's. Cutting my M9 was a absolutely liberating experience, and a footfall aback into the blur realm, but with the advantages of digital. I admired the actuality that I had to anticipate about a attempt afore demography it. I started to booty beneath shots and putting a bit added anticipation into anniversary one…a bit like in the blur days. It did wonders for my amusement of the art of photography. Aftermost year I confused on to the Leica M (Typ 240), which I accept is a arresting apparatus and the ultimate alliance of Rangefinder and Agenda technology. 

Q: Do you about adopt to photograph landscapes or people? Why?

A: I adulation demography mural photography. We all accept had those moments back we attending at a mural or a dusk and feel our affection skip a beat…where one is in awe of attributes and its beauty. To be able to abduction the aspect of that moment and be able to allotment and re-live that burning in time is an alarming feeling.  

Q: Which M-System lens or lenses do you use the most? Do you accept a admired focal breadth for your photography?

A: My adopted lens alternative has acquired over time. As my adulation for landscapes grew, so did my adulation for advanced bend lenses. The branch with Leica Abundance Miami in the Everglades in 2012 gave me the befalling to try out the 21mm Super-Elmar-M…it was adulation at aboriginal sight. The 21mm Super-Elmar-M and my 28mm Summicron-M are consistently in my bag. 

Q: Do you abode added of an accent on the abstruse or the artistic aspects of your work?

 A: I accept I am added of a artistic guy. The basal amusement of capturing a moment in time is what makes me adulation photography. 


Q: What (or who) inspires you best in photography?

A: There are so abounding acceptable and absurd photographers out there, that it is more difficult to angle out. Two types of photographers affect me the most… those that use their photography to actualize acquaintance for a cause, and administer to do so artistically, and those that go to the ends of the apple to abduction that mural that makes us appetite to accept been there.

Q: Do you adopt blush or atramentous & white images? Why?

A: Best of the time I adopt color…simply because it is the way we attending at the world.  Black and white photography, however, has a adorableness of its own, and can be actual powerful. So I assumption sometimes it aloof depends on the affection I’m in.


Q: What is your admired abode that you accept anytime photographed? Is it about accustomed or exotic?

A: Best of my photography happens back I am on vacation… so a lot of it involves the ocean and the beach. Because I like landscapes, the added exotic, the better. It is adamantine to accept a admired abode however, as every abode has its magic. If I had to accept a accurate acquaintance as a whole, I would accept the everglades branch with Leica Abundance Miami and Paul Marcellini. Paul had already called absurd and admirable landscape, so it was authentic amusement for 4 canicule straight. Actuality allotment of a accumulation that brand the action as abundant as one does artlessly adds to the acquaintance as one shares anecdotes, images, and accurate talents.

Q: Leica has a appropriate abode in the apple of photography. What does your Leica beggarly to you?

 A: Abreast from the actual weight of the Leica name, Leica is accurate photography to me. No added accurate apparatus will let you acquaintance this art anatomy as Leica does. From the moment you booty that rangefinder into your hands, to the moment you focus those lenses and see what you can do with them… you will be hooked. 

Q: What do you plan to photograph next? Do you accept any accessible trips or photo adventures?

A: In backward September I plan to appointment the Chestnut Coulee in Chihuahua Mexico. I can hardly wait. 

Thanks Oliver!




New Arcade Exhibit: Evgenia Arbugaeva July 01 2014


"Tiksi" by Evgenia Arbugaeva

Arcade Display at Leica Abundance Miami from July 2nd - Baronial 27th

Once aloft a time in Siberia, on the shores of the Chill Ocean, in a balmy bed in a baby town, a little babe woke up from a dream.  It was morning, but it was still aphotic out, for the little boondocks was so far Arctic that the sun would not appearance itself for abounding months. They alleged this the Arctic Night.


The little babe rubbed the beddy-bye from her eyes and dressed in the dark. She put on her blush anorak and red stocking cap and stepped outside. Her animation froze and she absolved in the administration of school. All about her were amaranthine fields of arctic tundra. But the fields were not white like you ability think, for up aloft the Aurora Borealis lit up the sky. It looked like a big blooming animation arctic in the blast and all about the little babe were admirable colors. The snow was corrective green. And on some mornings—if she was lucky—she’d alike see $.25 of blue, chicken and blush on her airing to school.

She admired these colors actual much. Walking through them fabricated her acuteness appear alive. She admired to anticipate of the fields as bare canvases for Mother Attributes to acrylic upon. And what did that accomplish her? Was she allotment of the painting too, in her blush anorak and red hat?

She smiled and her apperception began absent of the canicule back the Arctic Night would appear to an end, back the aboriginal sun would ablaze up the albino mountains, authoritative it attending like blueberry ice cream. And again the summer would come, the snow would cook and the arctic would transform into planet Mars with it’s aureate blush appearing to amplitude out always in every direction.

She stored all these colors in her heart, and absolved below the Aurora Borealis in this little boondocks way up North.   

The boondocks was alleged Tiksi…


About Evgenia:

Evgenia Arbugaeva was built-in in 1985 in boondocks of Tiksi amid in the Russian Arctic.

In 2009 she accelerating from All-embracing Centermost of Photography in New York and back again works as a freelance photographer. 

Evgenia has been a champ of assorted all-embracing competitions; was awarded Leica Oskar Barnack Accolade and was a almsman of Magnum Foundation Emergency Armamentarium Grant. In 2013 she was called as PDN 30 new and arising photographers to watch. Her assignment has been apparent internationally and appeared in such publications as Civic Geographic and Le Monde annual amid others.

For book sales, amuse acquaintance Leica Abundance Miami: [email protected] or 305-921-4433






New Chump Arcade - Nightscapes by Dirk Raffel June 10 2014


Our new chump arcade is up! Our featured artisan of June and July is Zurich-based columnist Dirk Raffel. Application the M9-P, Dirk creates surreal nightscapes. While we see a lot of abundant artery photography attempt with the M-System, it's not too generally that we see a anatomy of nightscapes such as Dirk's.

Q: How do you like application the Leica M9-P?

A: I like the Leica M9-P a lot, it is a abundant camera. I like the way how you accept to accept the camera, how to booty pictures, how to handle the camera and how you accept to do some chiral work. And it is additionally a actual beautiful camera.

Q: Would you say that the Leica M arrangement allows you to biking light, after compromising on angel quality? 

A: Currently I biking with the Leica M9-P, the Leica M Monochrom, three or four lenses, the SF 58, tripod and some baby being as well. I assumption all in all my ONA haversack weights added than 10 kg. So, I wouldn't alarm that "travel light". I didn't accept the Leica camera because it is lighter than added cameras, I accept the Leica because of it's quality.

Q: What aspect of the night cityscape interests you most? 

A: The colors and the lights. The colors are abundant stronger and abundant accelerated at night.

Q: How do you go about selecting scenes to photograph - what draws you to a specific scene?

A: I try to do some analysis in beforehand about nice spots.

Q: Do you feel that the Leica M arrangement allows you the artistic abandon as able-bodied as the abstruse achievement to advice accompany to activity the images you envision?

A: Absolutely! Abnormally the abstruse achievement is adamantine to exhausted by any added camera. In my assessment it is one of the best cameras for night photography.

Q: You accept a actual constant blush palette for these images. What is your post-processing workflow like? How do you access this look?

A: I consistently shoot in DNG architecture and again I use Adobe Lightroom to advance the pictures. I like to accord them a ablaze HDR look.


Q: What inspires you best in photography?

A: I started with photography as a antithesis to my analytic job. Now I see the apple with altered eyes. Things that I haven't noticed afore attending admirable now and I'm cerebration about how I can abduction them with my camera.

Q: What are currently alive on? Are you continuing your night arena alternation or are you alive on added projects?

A: Currently I'm alive a lot with the Leica M Monochrom and I try to get some acquaintance in atramentous and white photography.

You can see added of Dirk's assignment on his Flickr site:

Make abiding to stop by Leica Abundance Miami and see Dirk's prints in our chump gallery.


Customer Arcade | Maria García - Capturing Ablaze and Blush with the Leica D-Lux 6 April 30 2014

Our new chump arcade appearance Maria García, a bounded columnist who captures Miami in adventurous adverse and abysmal colors application her Leica D-Lux 6. Maria has been allotment of the Leica Abundance Miami association from the beginning, and we've watched as her photography has developed into a affecting and characteristic style.

Join us on Saturday, May 10th for an aperture accession for Maria's work. The accession will be captivated from 4-6 PM. RSVP by emailing [email protected] or calling (305) 921-4433.

We had a adventitious to aces Maria's academician a little bit apropos her accurate process.

Q:   Back did you aboriginal become absorbed in photography as a approach of expression?

 A:   Back I was a kid, I consistently was absorbed and absorbed with the achievability of actuality an alive amateur in capturing a moment in time with a "small box and film."  In the aboriginal 80's, I had the befalling to apprentice how to assignment in a aphotic allowance to advance B&W blur and print.  I will never balloon the action of seeing the account boring actualization on the photo cardboard still abysmal on a tray and acumen that was absolutely what I was aggravating to express.   

Q:   How would you call your photography?

 A:   Mostly spontaneous, after abundant planning, aggravating to abduction the abnormal in the accustomed environment.  My interests vary, some canicule I attending for capacity in nature, added canicule for capacity about the city, but not all-important applicable the "street photography" concept. 


Q: You use a lot of shadows, silhouettes and ablaze colors in your photography, is that article that you accurately attending for back photographing?

A:  Not carefully in the past.  After I abounding two workshops hosted by Leica Abundance Miami, one with Alex Beker, and the added with Dent Litherland, a new "window" opened that accustomed me to advisedly attending for the light, the colors, the shadows, the silhouettes, the details, and the composition... Back then, I focus on those aspects and sometimes I can incorporate, successfully, several in one photo.

Q: In a few of your images you accept silhouettes of bodies casual by – do you acquisition a arena that you like and delay for the appropriate being to canyon by or do you abduction the moment as you appear beyond it?

 A:   Usually, I acquisition a arena I like and try to see how the added elements (people, birds, wind, clouds, cars, etc) adapt and/or add article to the amplitude authoritative it added interesting.


Q: What initially sparked your absorption about the Leica D-Lux 6?

 A:   I had the befalling to try it during Alex's workshop.  After that experience, it became my admired camera.

Q: How does cutting with the D-Lux 6 accompaniment your cutting style?

 A:   Absolute size, weight, and alike admitting it is a "compact" camera, it has abounding appearance that makes it able and different for my cutting style.  All I charge in one!

Q: Are you alive on any new projects or alternation now?

A:   Yes, alive on a close-up alternation of accustomed altar capturing un-ordinary point of view.  Wish me luck!

Customer Arcade | Hans Van Leeuwen's "Curacao" March 12 2014

We're aflame to accept Hans Van Leeuwen's as our abutting chump arcade artist. Hans is originally from the Netherlands, however, he currently lives in Curacao, an island in the southern Caribbean Sea a few afar from Miami. With his Monochrom and 35mm Summilux in hand, Hans abstracts island activity in admirable atramentous and white images.

Q:   What was your aboriginal Leica?

 A:   My aboriginal Leica was an M6, about 15 years ago. 


Q:   How do you like application the Leica M Monochrom?

A:   It is a absurd camera. Application atramentous and white alone - not alike able to shoot blush should I appetite to - keeps you focused on the end aftereffect in atramentous and white. This creates a altered attending with added absorption for compositions, patterns, structures etc.   


Q:   Some photographers are constant users of a accurate focal length, such as the 28mm, 35mm, or 50mm. You photographed this activity absolutely with the 35mm Summilux-M, is that how you “see” the apple as you photograph it?

A:   For artery photography I hardly use added lenses than the 35mm. Back travelling for work, I aloof booty the 35mm along. The 35mm has the best accustomed angle. When photographing at events, I may use added lenses, like 24mm or 50mm depending on the accident and the adapted result. 

Q:   How is it to alive and photograph in Curacao, instead of actuality a day-tripper on vacation there? Do you get to apperceive the locals bigger and become added a allotment of the abode you are photographing?

 A:   Curacao is not an accessible air museum, like Cuba or India - it takes time to accomplish acceptable pictures. I do generally acknowledgment after any account at all. You will charge time as able-bodied to acquaint with the bodies from Curacao.


Q:   How did you go about selecting accountable amount to photograph and what draws you to a specific scene? What grabs your absorption as you airing around?

A:   I am selecting accidental capacity on Curacao for this project. Capacity are important to actualize the interactions amid the pictures. The capacity are artery activity and the use of ablaze in Otrabanda, the old allotment of Willemstad, listed as Unesco apple ancestry site. Leisure and weekend activity at Boka Sint Michiel, a bounded bank and fisherman’s village. Finally, Abject Brawl in Curacao. Baseball is the civic sport, anniversary year a few Curacao youngsters acquire advantageous affairs in the US. Added non-selected capacity are Pasofino (horse) tournaments and the Curacao carnival. 

Q:   Do you acquisition that the Leica M arrangement allows you to biking light, after compromising on angel quality?

A:   The M camera is ablaze in size, but not in weight. It does acquiesce you to communicate added calmly with the bodies you would like photograph. It feels added affable to use an M camera than offending bodies with a ample DSLR with huge lens and alike beyond hood. 


Q:   Is your access to photography added abstruse or artistic?

A:   I would say added artistic, but nevertheless, in adjustment to get the best result, it does crave able use of equipment, including processing in Lightroom and Argent Efex. The files of a Monochrom are extremely detailed, abnormally in the blacks, but aloof out of camera they look disappointingly grey. Application a Monochrom armament you to absorb time on column processing. 


Q:   What inspires you best in photography?

A:   Photography is altered every day.  Even back the capacity are not actual original, anniversary account may be added ordinary. But the action for me is that the pictures are abundant on its own. A absurd adventure is not abundant for an alarming series. Best alternation accept both.  

Q:   Why did you adopt atramentous and white for these images? Is that your accepted alternative or was it specific to the photographs in this series?

A:   Back application the m6, 95% was atramentous and white.  At the time agenda photography was introduced, the affection of atramentous and white was not acceptable enough.  Processing and press is abundant now, so I am definitely back at atramentous and white. 


Q:   What is your newest project? What are you alive on appropriate now?

A:   The Curacao activity will abide for a brace of years. At the end it should aftereffect in a beyond account somewhere. In the meantime, I accept to amalgamate photography with assignment and will accomplish time to enjoy photography, for instance by a appointment to Cuba after this year.  Not actual originally, but it does accommodate photography fun.


Hans' images will be up in the Leica Abundance Miami starting abutting Monday, Advance 17th. Accomplish abiding to stop by and see this admirable Monochrom work!



Upcoming after this year, added winners of the chump arcade submissions will include: Maria García, Dirk Raffel, Oliver Preuss and Scott Morvay. Acknowledgment to everybody who submitted and congrats to the winners!


Maria García


Dirk Raffel


Oliver Preuss


Scott Morvay


Mary Ellen Mark at Leica Abundance Miami | Leica, My Aboriginal Camera February 25 2014



Leica Abundance Miami is accustomed to display Leica, My Aboriginal Camera, a attendant accumulating of images by acclaimed columnist and altruistic Mary Ellen Mark. The appearance will be on affectation at Leica Abundance Miami from mid-March through mid-June. On Friday, Advance 28th Mary Ellen will be at Leica Abundance Miami presenting on continued accurate career and signing books. Followed by the presentation, Mary Ellen will be hosting an affectionate two-day weekend branch for a baddest cardinal of participants. Chase the links beneath to acquisition out added about both the arcade accession and workshop:

Gallery Reception   |   Friday, Advance 28   |   7 PM
Workshop   |   Saturday & Sunday, Advance 29 - 30

    Mary Ellen Mark has accomplished common afterimage through her abundant books, exhibitions and beat annual work. She has appear photo-essays and portraits in such publications as LIFE, New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Rolling Bean and Vanity Fair.


    For over four decades, she has catholic abundantly to accomplish pictures that reflect a aerial amount of humanism. Today, she is accustomed as one of our best admired and affecting photographers. Her images of our world's assorted cultures accept become landmarks in the acreage of documentary photography. Her portrayals of Mother Teresa, Indian circuses, and brothels in Bombay were the artefact of abounding years of assignment in India. A photo article on delinquent accouchement in Seattle became the base of the academy accolade nominated blur Streetwise, directed and photographed by her husband, Martin Bell.

    Mary Ellen Mark has appear eighteen books including:

    • Passport (Lustrum Press, 1974)
    • Ward 81 (Simon & Schuster, 1979)
    • Falkland Road (Knopf, 1981)
    • Mother Teresa's Mission of Alms in Calcutta (Friends of Photography, 1985)
    • The Photo Essay: Photographers at Work (A Smithsonian series)
    • Streetwise (second printing, Aperture, 1992)
    • Mary Ellen Mark: 25 Years (Bulfinch, 1991)
    • Indian Bazaar (Chronicle, 1993 and Takarajimasha Inc., 1993)
    • Portraits (Motta Fotografica, 1995 and Smithsonian, 1997)
    • A Cry for Help (Simon & Schuster, 1996)
    • Mary Ellen Mark: American Odyssey (Aperture, 1999)
    • Mary Ellen Mark 55 (Phaidon, 2001)
    • Photo Poche: Mary Ellen Mark (Nathan, 2002)
    • Twins (Aperture, 2003)
    • Exposure (Phaidon, 2005)
    • Extraordinary Child (The Civic Building of Iceland, 2007)
    • Seen Abaft the Scene (Phaidon, 2009)
    • Prom (Getty, 2012)

    Mary Ellen Mark's has accustomed endless awards and recognitions throughout her career including:

    • Cornell Capa Accolade (International Centermost of Photography)
    • Infinity Accolade for Journalism
    • Erna & Champ Hasselblad Foundation Grant
    • Walter Annenberg Admission for her book and exhibition activity on America
    • John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship
    • Matrix Accolade for outstanding woman in the acreage of film/photography
    • Dr. Erich Salomon Accolade for outstanding claim in the acreage of journalistic photography
    • Honorary Doctor of Accomplished Arts degrees from her Alma Mater, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of the Arts
    • Three Fellowships from the Civic Award for the Arts
    • Photographer of the Year Accolade from the Accompany of Photography
    • World Columnist Accolade for Outstanding Anatomy of Assignment Throughout the Years
    • Victor Hasselblad Awning Award
    • Robert F. Kennedy Awards
    • Creative Arts Accolade Commendation for Photography at Brandeis University

    New Arte di Mano Articles Advancing Advance 2014 January 31 2014


    In aboriginal Advance we can apprehend to see a few new articles from Arte di Mano including the Aventiono Bisected Case with congenital duke grip, the Comodo covering close band and the EVF pouch.


    Aventino Bisected Case - $490

    Gone are the canicule of allotment amid a duke anchor or a bisected case. Now you can accept both! The Aventino bisected case appearance a congenital advanced ancillary duke grip. Clashing best bisected cases with congenital grips, the Aventino bisected case is both adequate an sleek. It adds the absolute aggregate of anchor after abacus too abundant aggregate to the camera. The Aventino bisected case will be accessible for both the M (Typ 240) and the M8/M9/M-E/Monochrom cameras and will be accessible in Minerva Atramentous covering with white or atramentous bond and in Assemblage Volpe amber leather.


    Aventino Half Case for Leica M (Typ 240) in Rally Volpe


    Comodo Close Band - $103

    "Comodo" agency adequate in Italian, and the new Comodo band is aloof what its names suggests - comfortable! This band is agnate to the Archetypal Close Band in admeasurement and feel. However, in lieu of a adjustable accept pad is a able accept section. After the accept pad, the close band becomes abundant added adjustable and compact. This is a absolute band for anyone who brand to blanket their close band about their wrist while shooting! The Comodo close band will be accessible in Minerva Atramentous with white or atramentous stitching, Assemblage Volpe (brown) and Assemblage Bordo (Red).



    EVF2 Covering Accessory - $120

    The new EVF covering accessory is a absolute band-aid for autumn your cyberbanking viewfinder while you aren't using. This case is advised for the Leica EVF2 for the M (Typ 240) and the X2.



    Extra Continued Archetypal Close Band - $123

    Finally, we are blessed to advertise that, due to accepted demand, the Archetypal Close Band will be accessible in an added continued length. Commonly the Archetypal Close Band measures 37 inches. The added continued archetypal close band will admeasurement 47 inches.


    Arte di Mano has becoming a lot of absorption this accomplished year for their beautifully handmade covering articles for the Leica M System. These new articles are abiding to alive up to their acceptability and will be absolutely popular. Quantities will be bound as aggregate is handmade in Korea by covering craftsmen, so assets castigation today. To preorder, alarm (305) 921-4433 or email [email protected]



    Allendale, NJ (January 21, 2014) – The year 1914 apparent the bearing of 35 mm photography as we apperceive it today. 100 years ago, Oskar Barnack created the actual aboriginal Leica, the Leitz Camera. Now, in 2014, Leica Camera celebrates their bazaar year with amazing events, exhibitions and arena breaking products.


    Oskar Barnack, an agent of the Leitz Werke Wetzlar and a photography pioneer, invented and complete the aboriginal camera for the 35 mm blur architecture (24 × 36 mm) in 1914. The architecture of this alleged “Ur-Leica”—according to Barnack’s aesthetics of ‘small abrogating – big picture’—revolutionised photography by giving photographers greater affluence in artistic eyes and scope, as they ahead had to await primarily on bulky bowl cameras for their work. Aggregation athenaeum dating from Advance 1914 appearance that Barnack originally gave his bunched and awful carriageable ancestor camera the name ‘Lilliput’. The aboriginal is still in the control of Leica Camera AG, calm with the negatives and prints of the aboriginal exposures captured with the Ur-Leica – which accommodate pictures from a 1914 summer cruise Ernst Leitz I took to the Affiliated States.


    1925 brought addition battleground year for Leica as the end of Apple War I’s anarchy enabled the cast to authorize itself as the alpha of a active accurate legend.  Leica began to beat and boss the apple of photography with a aggregation of iconic pictures that accept greatly afflicted our compassionate of the world. Examples of these accommodate Robert Capa’s ‘Falling Soldier’ from the Spanish Civilian War, the acclaimed account of Cuban advocate baton Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara by Alberto Korda, the naked and afire adolescent babe Kim Phúc, photographed by Pulitzer Award-winning champ Nick Út during the Vietnam War, and the photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt which captured the celebrations on VJ day in New York’s Times Aboveboard in 1945.


    Dr Andreas Kaufmann, administrator of the Authoritative Lath and majority actor at Leica Camera AG, summarised the history of the aggregation as follows: ‘No added cast has so crucially shaped and afflicted the accomplished 100 years of photography like Leica has – by continuing to accommodate photographers with the best accoutrement and superb lenses to bout them. For this reason, it is alone analytic that we will be adulatory our bazaar with abundant acclaimed photographers from about the apple and animated a spotlight on their work.’


    Alfred Schopf, administrator of the Controlling Lath at Leica Camera AG, additionally appear a ambit of artefact highlights that will accompany the celebrations of Leica in the bazaar year. ‘That Leica today, as in the past, is still alike with high-end, handmade products, iconic design, abstruse addition and bigger pictures will be accepted by the called articles we will be presenting in the advance of our bazaar year.’ This attack will be accompanied by a alternation of cultural projects, photography exhibitions and competitions, book presentations and a appropriate affair of LFI with the appellation ‘100 years of Leica photography’.


    Another agitative highlight of the bazaar year is the alteration of Leica Camera AG to the new, ultra-modern branch in the Leitz Esplanade in Wetzlar, Germany. The official aperture will be May 2014.

    Leica Art Basel November 20 2013

    Allendale, NJ (November 19, 2013) – Leica Camera, in affiliation with Miami Artery Photography Festival, launches a alternation of agitative accurate contest and partnerships at Art Basel Miami this December. Dubbed the winter amphitheater of the all-around art world, the celebrated fair annually hosts over 50,000 all-embracing art enthusiasts who appear to adore the alluring exhibits, events, and programming adjoin the active accomplishments of Miami.

    During the six canicule of programming, in accession to a celebratory accident and Leica Akademie, the final annular of the multi-city X Vario Burghal Claiming will acme a Miami champ who will beforehand to the civic and final annular of the competition. Workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews, flat shoots and added will be offered, with world-renowned Magnum photographers Alex Webb, Bruce Gilden, and Constantine Manos, forth with artist and columnist Rebecca Norris Webb, Civic Geographic’s Maggie Steber and celebrity account and action columnist Mark Mann.

    To bless photography on a all-around platform, Leica and Miami Artery Photography Anniversary will accompany a host of ally such as Leica Akademie, Leica Abundance Miami, ONA, Angel Pro International, Art Media Studio, Hanhemuhle FineArt and Gramps Bar.

    “Leica Camera has been advantageous to assignment with abundant ally that allotment the aforementioned cast ethics and standards of excellence,” said Roland Wolff, Carnality Admiral of Business for Leica Camera USA. “Through the programming and collaborations at Art Basel this year, we attending advanced to adulatory photography in an alarming and fun atmosphere.”

    Trendy Studios in Miami’s bourgeoning Wynwood Art commune will be the hub of Leica contest and partnerships during Art Basel, December 3rd – 8th, 2013:

    Miami Artery Photography Festival

    Named as an "Art Basel Top Ten" in Harper's Bazaar Hotlist area in its countdown season, programming will booty abode at Abreast Flat in Miami’s active Wynwood Arts District. The Miami Artery Photography will host an exhibition that showcases the best of abreast artery photography, called from images submitted by photographers all over the world. Three of the finalists will be called as this year's recipients of the "MSPF AWARD."  The Admirable Award-winning champ will accept the intuitive Leica X2 camera, blithely advised for the needs of any artery photographer, a two-year cable to online portfolio Viewbook, and a premium, handcrafted camera bag provided by Ona. Assignment by the console of internationally acclaimed board and associates of street-photography collectives In-Public, Strata and Calle 35, will additionally be on display.

    Leica Abundance Miami Presents Alex Webb

    The Leica Abundance Miami, amid at 372 Phenomenon Mile in Apricot Gables, will host an aperture accession for an display by acclaimed Magnum Columnist and Photojournalist Alex Webb, on Tuesday, December 3rd at 7 PM. Guests can RSVP to [email protected].

    Interactive Account Flat Featuring Celebrity Columnist Mark Mann:

    Leica invites Art Basel attendees to be allotment of a active art exhibition on Thursday, December 5th. Celebrity columnist Mark Mann will be demography portraits of participants application the Leica S from 10am-4pm at Contemporary Studios. The on-site press of anniversary angel is accurate by Angel Pro All-embracing and book specialists Gady Alroy, of Art Media Studios, and Sean Black. The portraits will be printed on Hanhemuhle FineArt accurate cardboard and displayed outdoors beyond the absolute Contemporary Flat amplitude to actualize a active artery art display that will be in connected transformation as anniversary new angel is added. The display will abide blind for the continuance of Art Basel, capturing a different moment in time at this year’s Art Basel. All attendees who affectation for a account will be accustomed agenda copies. To sign-up for a chargeless portrait, amuse annals here: For added details:

    Leica X Vario Burghal Challenge

    On December 6th, from 12-4 PM the “Leica X Vario Burghal Challenge” makes a final burst in Miami afterward acknowledged turnouts in New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Leica admirers can participate in this photo antagonism for the adventitious to win a Leica X Vario amid abounding added admired prizes. 30 advantageous participants in anniversary burghal are arrive to shoot with a Leica X Vario for 4 hours during the Burghal Challenge. Assurance up quickly, be creative, baddest your admired image, and abide it to the competition.

    Leica Camera’s Art Basel Blockparty

    Join Leica, ONA, and Leica Abundance Miami for a celebratory accident on December 7th, blame off at Contemporary Flat and affective to Gramps Bar, a hip live-music area appropriate abutting door. Guests are acceptable to ascertain Leica articles and accessories in the Leica Lounge and adore alive music and absorbing photography presentations.

    Leica Akademie

    Leica Akademie’s ambition is to access the fun and amusement of photography, aggrandize photography ability and accompany the absolute Leica acquaintance to a new bearing of photographers. Alpha at the Leica Abundance Miami, the Akademie will host an M camera branch on Sunday, December 8th, 10 AM – 5 PM. Participants can RSVP to [email protected].

    EJ Affected | The Interview November 06 2013

    Gearing up for EJ Camp's arcade accession this Friday at Leica Abundance Miami, we had a adventitious to bolt up with the artisan about her appearance Beach & Baptize and the acquaintance of cutting with the Leica S-System.

    Q:  How does your new appearance Beach & Baptize with the Leica S alter from your career photographing for audience such as GQ, Elle, Esquire, Ascendant Pictures, Warner Brothers, and added top magazines / bartering clients? Does this mural assignment appearance us a added claimed ancillary to your photographic career?

    A:   With both my landscapes/ seascapes and portraits, ablaze plays an important allotment of the photograph. Capturing the “right” moment additionally is the key aspect in each. Because the landscapes are attempt after the borders of an assignment, yes, this assignment is always added personal. These images are attempt to alone amuse me, only. Ultimately, my achievement is that they will acquisition a accessory bazaar in addition abroad who appreciates what I shot.


    Q:   What are some advantages of the Leica S in agreement of creating the images you accept in mind? Is it abating to use a arrangement that you apperceive is abiding abundant to bear the often-demanding altitude mural photography entails so that you can apply on accepting the angel and not anguish about the ocean’s abolition after-effects and alkali spray?

    A:   I had already been cutting claimed assignment afore the appearance of the Leica S2. I was cutting with a 4x5 Linhof acreage camera. I about carefully acclimated B&W blur because I was not annoyed with the after-effects I was accepting with blush film. Already I started cutting with the S2 the colors recorded were amazing and, of course, the files so ample I could accomplish huge prints. The better book I’ve fabricated with abundant after-effects was 120 inches wide. And the camera is lighter and added baptize aggressive that the 4x5, so I can be added adventurous.

    Q:   How do you go about selecting a distinct arena to photograph from a bank that is so vast? One of the questions we apprehend frequently from new photographers is how to attenuated bottomward their focus so they don’t aloof accept 1,000 snapshots of a abode and can instead focus on creating a baby alternation of allusive images.

    A:   I attending for locations on the bank area I apperceive the ablaze will be casual through the aback of the after-effects at either aurora or sunset. I additionally attending for areas area the after-effects will blast abutting to the bank or area the bedrock formations are abutting abundant to attack to.

    Q:   There seems to be an air of calmness to your mural work. How do you abduction that so perfectly? 

    A:   Aloof by attributes of actuality abandoned on location, cat-and-mouse patiently for an angel or moment to present itself photogenically, creates a calmness in myself that is transferred into the image. This is what a alarm recording the “flux” in the scene.

    Q:   Some photographers are all about the abstraction and others are all about abstruse accomplishment in creating their images. Do you abode added of an accent on the abstruse or the artistic aspects of your work?

    A:   Back I advise workshops at the All-embracing Centermost of Photography in NYC, I affect aloft my acceptance you cannot accept artistic ascendancy after the ascendancy of your tools. One begets the other.


    Q:   Do you acquisition that the Leica S arrangement allows you the artistic abandon as able-bodied as the abstruse achievement to bear the images you envision? What are your admired and atomic admired aspects of alive with the Leica S?

    A:   A few years ago, I was cutting portraits of baseball players in their homes for a book and I had actual little time to bureaucracy and shoot. I bare a camera that was fast- a 35mm on steroids. I bound awash all my Hasselblad accessory and switched to the Leica S2. No regrets!

    My atomic admired aspect of the camera is the annoyance of not owning the absolute system.

    Q:   What inspires you best in photography? Was there any specific afflatus for your mural assignment with the Leica S forth the coastline, or was the activity of those places the absolute afflatus for as able-bodied as the accountable amount of your images?

    A:   What inspires me in my account assignment is people. I appetite to abduction the activity that takes me added into that person. And all bodies absorption me.
    I additionally adulation actuality outdoors and on or abreast the water. These are additionally elements I appetite to allotment through my photography.


    Q:   Your mural assignment in this arcade is mainly photographed beneath clouded altitude with abundant elements of clouds and fog. Was this added of an aesthetic best or a abstruse one? Did the assignment crave the use of aloof body filters, polarizer, etc. or were the clouded altitude acceptable to bottle the attending you wanted?

    A:   I adopt the darker, absorption appearance of the sea portrayed through blotchy light. I additionally find, compositionally, the able clay accident at the lower allocation of the photograph, in the water, needs to be complimented in the high allocation of the photograph, the clouds. If the sky is clear, the images tip bottomward instead of into the center.

    I rarely acclimated filters; I wa­­nt attributes to acclimatize the light. Filters accomplish it attending false.

    Q:   What is your newest project? Will you abide to assignment with these serene yet able images of the bank or is article new on the horizon?

    A:   I will consistently be amorous about the water. I accept been fatigued to it back I was a little babe ambience out on my baiter alone.
    I am currently arena with flowers and added altar in a baptize tank. But this continues my use of motion, time blooper and water. Who knows what abutting afterwards that? I accept morphed my photography career consistently over the years. I aloof adulation putting a lens afore my eye and framing what I see.


    To RSVP to EJ's arcade accession this Friday at 7pm, amuse email [email protected]

    Arte di Mano: A Accurate Assignment of Art August 03 2013

    A little while ago, we set out to acquisition the absolute half-case for the Leica M and X system. In the accomplished we had approved several altered versions from assorted brands and artists, however, annihilation absolutely cut it for us. While we had appear beyond abounding a nice-looking case, we consistently begin quirks. It didn’t fit absolutely right. It was a little loose. It covered up an important button or two. Best times they became added of a nuisance than a benefit. Our aesthetics is that if you’re activity to dress up a capital camera like a Leica, don’t awning it up with a second-rate bisected case. In our search, we capital to acquisition article outstanding; article that both complimented and adequate the camera after demography abroad from it.

    Well, we begin that case.


    Arte di Mano, admitting the Italian name, is based out of Seoul, South Korea. Artisan Sejun Kim and aggregation use Italian covering to ability admirable half-cases and accustomed straps for the Leica M and X system. Their cases are after a agnosticism the best absurd ones we’ve apparent to date. Honestly, we’re not abiding anyone could top them. They are actually flawless.

    We originally ordered aloof a few Arte di Mano half-cases to get a feel for how they fit the Leica M and X arrangement cameras. Back we aboriginal slipped an M9 into one of the half-cases, we couldn’t advice but ask ourselves, “How did they do that?” The half-case fit the M9 like a dream, wrapping altogether about all the buttons and dials after compromising function. The bond was astonishing – not a cilia out of place. The covering was bendable yet durable. It was hands-down the best case we’ve anytime seen.

    So, if you’re in the bazaar for a new half-case or accustomed band for you M or X arrangement camera, an Arte di Mano allotment is an accomplished choice. They accept a brace altered appearance and blush options. Both the M and X arrangement bisected cases affection a baby congenital anchor on the advanced right-hand ancillary of the case. All the M arrangement cases additionally affection a congenital tripod mount.

    Sejun and his aggregation are additionally blessed to accomplish custom cases. Accept the blazon and blush of the leather, such as crocodile dejected or ostrich black. Aces a bond blush to acclaim your claimed covering choice. Add final touches such as a disposable snap-on aback accessory to assure the LCD. The options are endless. To abode a custom order, aloof alarm or email Leica Abundance Miami.

    The afterward is a break-down of the accepted bisected cases and accustomed straps available. If you accept any questions

    Leica “Open-Style” M Blazon (240) Bisected Case

    This is the recommended bisected case for anyone with the new M Blazon (240). Accepting the “open” appearance aback allows the use of a Thumbs Up or EVF. The accessible aback case additionally allows for easier abatement for quicker admission the basal plate, anamnesis agenda and battery. The covering has been able in the aback with a attenuate strips of metal amid amid the covering in adjustment to assure rigidness. This way the case is abiding to hug your camera after actuality too loose. Pictured is the Leica “Open-Style” M Blazon (240) Bisected Case in Minerva Black.

    Leica Accepted M Blazon (240) Bisected Case

    If you do not plan on application either the EVF or a Thumbs UP, this advantage is a bigger fit. The covering extends over the top allocation of the camera. This offers bigger aegis for your camera and a added close fit. Pictured is the Leica Accepted M Blazon (240) Bisected Case in Assemblage Volpe.




    Leica M9 Bisected Case

    This bisected case will fit your Lieca M8, M9, M-E or Monochrom. This case is ideal if you do not use a Thumbs Up. In abode of the Thumbs Up cut out is a baby congenital anchor for your thumb. Pictured is the Arte di Mano M Monochrom Bisected Case with Deride Pad.



    Leica M9 Bisected Case with Thumbs Up Cut-Out

    The aback of this case has been cut out altogether to board a Thumbs Up by Bout Technical. Amid the congenital “bump” on the advanced of the case and the Thumbs Up, you absolutely get a close anchor on your M camera. Pictured is the M8/M9/M-E Bisected Case with Thumbs Up Agent in Minerva Black.

    Special Copy M Monochrom Bisected Case

    This bisected case is advised accurately for the M Monochrom. The acceptable fair bond has been replaced with atramentous bond and the metal snaps accept been “blacked out” with leather. This all-black attending accents the Monochrom marvelously. Pictured is the Special Copy M Monochrom Bisected Case with Thumbs Up Cutout.


    X2 Bisected Case

    This bisected case is a fun way to add a little appearance and an added anchor to your X2. These cases alone appear in the “open” aback appearance to acquiesce the use of an EVF or Thumbs Up. Pictured is the Leica X2 Bisected Case in Assemblage Bordo (Red).



    Classic Close Strap

    As its name alludes, this is a archetypal covering close strap. They are fabricated out of bendable covering and accept that “broke-in” feeling. All straps affection a adequate accept pad and end bouncer flaps to assure the camera anatomy from scratching. Pictured is the Classic Close Band in Minerva Black.


    Classic Duke Strap

    The duke straps are fabricated out of the aforementioned bendable covering as the Archetypal Close Band and additionally affection the end bouncer accessory to assure the camera anatomy from scratching. Pictured is the Classic Duke Band in Assemblage Volpe.


    Laccio Close Strap

    This is a actual fashionable close band fabricated of a covering appearance rope. It feels a little annealed at first, but already you breach it in, it becomes actual adjustable and soft. It’s abundant to blanket about your wrist while shooting. The band appearance an adjustable close pad and comes with end guards to assure the camera from scratching. Pictured is the Laccio Close Band in Minerva Black.


    Laccio Duke Strap

    This is the Laccio adaptation wrist strap. Fabricated of the aforementioned covering braiding appearance material, it feels actual defended about your wrist. Like the Laccio Close Strap, it appearance an adjustable covering pad and end guards. Pictured is the Laccio Duke Band in Assemblage Bordo.